Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yet Another Wedding

What did I tell you? I am in the midst of wedding ceremonies and dancing the night away at the following receptions. Each one is different and unique and this past weekend was no exception. My roommate from Sophomore year of college tied the knot and I could not be more thrilled for her. I met her husband while we were roommates and knew I like him from the beginning when he flew into town (long distance relationship problems) to help her move in and put together her insane contraption of a desk. He was always giving and generous to her from afar and loved experiencing their relationship through an outsiders perspective for that year.

Ladies, here are the details I know you want:

The dress: Drop dead gorgeous, plus the bride has the cutest little crossfit bod to show off the dress in.

The ceremony: I cried, so theres that. This semi-bitter single cried at this gorgeous wedding. The bride and groom were having a ball up there together. Their happiness and radiant joy was easy to see throughout the ceremony

The reception: Amazing bar-b-que! Which was perfect for this Texas girl leaving for London in a few days.

Decorations: Knowing the bride, and our many nights together sitting on the couch sifting through pinterest, I know it would be a cute wedding. It was complete with baby's breath, hydrangeas, burlap, and palette signs. I know right?! Plus it was all DIY because the bride is also super crafty! So fun!

I am so overjoyed that I was able to witness their marriage and see friends I would otherwise only get updates about on Facebook. Yay for weddings getting people out and together to socialize and catch up.

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