Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Finer Things in Life

This past week has been filled with a much more lush way of living than I am accustomed to. I have not only consumed a large amount of scrumptious goodies, but have also not so slowly eaten away at my wallet.

A girl I traveled with in Israel just happened to be in London, so she stayed with me the past few days and we had quite the week. We trained to Windsor one day, of which I have dedicated an entire post, and did many other things, like...

Eat breakfast at the top of the shard, which was accompanied by a view of the city like none other!

Go for high tea in the afternoon, I felt like a royal!
My tummy has never been so happy as it was after high tea! Can't wait for my next one!
High tea had my all: Am I doing this right?! Pinky up?
Sprint to a famous cupcakery right before it closes to try their red velvet cupcakes (Yum!!)

Sit on the steps of St. Paul's while casually watching a movie being filmed.
Take the tube to Camden specifically to try a local pie shop.

Shop along Oxford Street on a thursday evening, because we could.

I think I am going to have a wide awakening when school starts. I know it is coming, but, for example, today I slept in, picked up a few things for my room, put the final touches on my room to make it more homey, and finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (don't worry, I bought the next book already).
Isn't it dreamy?! It really isn't my room until there are pennant flags hanging on the wall >>>
So, now that I am even more broke (which I didn't realize was possible) and have done quite a bit of tourist London and quite a bit of local London (thanks to my Londoner friends, Adrienne, who I also met in Israel!), I am ready to settle down and get in a schedule, which will come next week!

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  1. I love the finished touches! Looks amazing! It was a pleasure spending time with you friend and can't wait to see you in Italy!! xo