Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Wednesday at Windsor

Windsor Castle
Today we went to the lovely town of Windsor, with a short stop at the British Museum before we left the city (good thing it's "free", we were there for a total of 45 min). Figuring out the train system in London was fun and such a breath of fresh air after being in the suffocating underground all week. It takes me back to my time in Italy where I trained everywhere for the semester (which happens to be great therapy).

On the train to Windsor
The train was short and sweet. We could see the Windsor Palace perched on top of its hill from afar, and it was an incredible sight to behold.

We popped off the train right at the cutest little outdoor shopping strand.

I mean, HELLO! Can a place get any daggum cuter?!

Not only is it a shopping center, it is a ROYAL shopping center, we are in Windsor, after all.
The train takes you right to the foot of the castle, so we found our way to the ticket counter and were reminded how broke we are. 20 quid for a ticket to the castle! Thats like $35 people! So instead, we crossed the street and hopped on an open bus tour for half the price.

My disapproving face of our bus tour decision while we waited for it to start
Now, I've always had a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to mass transportation of tourists for tourism. But, there were maybe 10 other people on top of the open double decker bus and we were whisked through Windsor and the neighboring cities! It was so fun to be out in the country side and have the wind blowing through my hair once again. It was actually a great experience being driven through the local area of Windsor, we saw things that were too far to walk to (Like Eton College), and would not have seen otherwise.

Eton College. Talk about a strict school, the founding and history of it is so intense, and still functions strictly today.
All the people on this boat were waving frantically as our brightly colored tourist bus went speeding by over the bridge, it probably helped that we were all taking pictures of them.

And more pictures from our bus tour, because I know y'all are all dying to see them...

Windsor Castle is that way! >>>
Windsor Castle!
We grabbed some tea at a local pub, called the "King and Castle", quite appropriate if you ask me, to warm ourselves up after the chilling 50 minute bus tour. Then we hopped the train back to London. It was a quick visit, but got us out of cramped tourist filled London.

Windsor Facts:
+ Oldest and largest castle in the world
+ THE official residence of Her Majesty the Queen
+ Since everything you read on the internet is true, check out more facts here

We went straight from Windsor to Harrod's in London. If you've never been, GO! But, don't expect to buy anything. We went to the new "Shoe Heaven" on the 5th floor and most shoes cost an average of $600 (Yikes!). The store is so lavish and HUGE... seriously, it never ends, it just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going. We got lost quite a few times, and walking through the floors made my "trendy" outfit feel instantly like homeless rags.

While it is fun discovering London, I am looking forward to next week. I will hopefully be able to get some much needed R+R before school starts, which reminds me, most of my American friends started school this week, or will start next week. How has everyone's first classes been going? Do you like your professors?! Keep me updated!!

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